Writings from last spring, a week in solitude. 

April 3, 2014

Every single thing that I want to do, from my very deep truth (when I connect to my spirit self) is what I need to be doing in order to play my role in the Earth's (which is a living organism) evolvement and for it to move forward and grow as intended. If I choose not to connect with my pre-planned path and confuse myself by thinking that there's something else out there for me to do, then I fail my mission and steer off the track and end up dying out and shriveling away and not contributing. Every single movement on the planet is carefully in motion to keep the planet (cell) alive and living. We are Earth's life. And every single thing and being on this planet is part of the mechanism that gives Earth life, everything on Earth combined is a living organism in it's movement and maneuvering. 

With each day this cell (Earth) is gaining intricacy, complexity, intelligence and evolvement. Everything that is happening right now is perfect, perfection and progression of life and the evolution of consciousness. We will eventually turn ourselves into robots. The Earth is striving for perfection, hence Natural Selection. There is an invention, it reaches the masses, the masses find ways to perfect it, the best of their inventions inspired by the original survive and so on and so on. Same goes with our bodies, we're trying to perfect our physical selves with exercise, fashion, make up, plastic surgery, gene interventions, etc. The people that go overboard (extreme body builders, plastic surgery addicts, etc.) get weened out, the people who have balance are risen to higher influence. 

Natural Selection is happening in society: those able to adapt to society experience the most affluence and nourishment and status. Their children grow up more stable, with less mental and emotional problems. The poor and least adapted end up in "tribes", they form their own miniature societies where they are all brought together, where they have their own weening structure and Natural Selection is present on it's own within that structure: the fittest, most intuitive, intelligent, affluent, etc. survive and pro-create. The weaker die out. All creation is birthed from Love. Everything exists because of Love. Love is the Force of Creation. 

Remember your place in everything, follow where ever your inner guide wants to go because it's part of the greater design and will both sustain Earth on it's intended path and guide your soul to evolution as well. Life is a game, each day is it's own game, each week, each month, each year, each lifetime, each soul level, each grand cycle, and then you return to the Tao.

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