model: alice

Nearing the end of last week I returned from a twenty day trip to Los Angeles, visiting some close high school friends of mine and staying in the heart of Hollywood, a block from the walk of fame. The days were spent with minimal worry: only those of catching the last rays of gold sun and making it out to the Sunset strip before eleven. Whiskey flowed without interruption and cigarette smoke lingered day and night, the city endlessly frenetic outside the bedroom window. It's like I pressed the pause button for two and half weeks and allowed myself complete freedom: no work, no editing, no meetings, no deadlines, no workout routines. I ate out every day, drank Sierra Nevada and Jack Daniels every day, got lost in the eyes of the long haired dream chasers, met a bounty of talented musicians, revelled in the tireless energy of a city shielded in it's illusory bubble, spun with delusion but nonetheless seducing. Several times we packed a bottle of Jack in a backpack and set out to shoot, exploring the surroundings near Alice's apartment. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting the shoots I shot, as well as some diary posts from the trip. Serpentine is the first of these series, I hope you enjoy them!